Cinque Terre Italy Tours

If you’re interested in Italy tours, then you cannot miss the Cinque Terre villages, situated on the iconic Italian Riviera. As the name suggests, there are a total of five settlements:

  • Riomaggiore – This is the largest of the five, acting as the unofficial capital. A bird watching center and botanical garden sits on top of the hill that keeps watch over the pebble beach below. Pastel colored buildings converge into a small harbor, not far from the beach.
  • Manarola – The setting is decorated with fishing boats, which remind tourists about this village’s heritage. Manarola has its own winery, the village being surrounded by grapevines.
  • Corniglia – Situated atop of a 300-foot high promontory, Corniglia features the only vantage point in Cinque Terre from where all five villages can be seen. Also, it’s the only settlement from the five that does not have direct access to the sea.
  • Vernazza – A maze of narrow streets and stairs span between pastel buildings, every turn offering a fascinating view of the sea below. The sea-facing amphitheater in Piazza Marconi is certainly worth visiting.
  • Monterosso – Housing the widest beach from all of Cinque Terre, Monterosso is also the most accessible by car.

If you’re an Italy tours enthusiast, you should definitely give this region a try!  There are many bonuses that you receive when you book your tours through a great travel agencies.

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