El Paso Roofing Companies Guide to Warranties

A new roof involves a substantial investment no matter the materials used, El Paso roofing companies state. Even a seemingly small problem may be very costly to fix, so benefiting from good warranty is important in order to avoid headaches later on. Here are a few tips that help you make sure your roof is covered for possible damages:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty is the most common type and is included with every roof installation. This warranty covers the materials used and is also known as material defect coverage. Roofing materials are supposed to last for decades, so this type of warranty has a long coverage period.
  • Workmanship warranty is offered by contractors and covers installation issues, like poorly fitted flashing. The warranty period differs depending on contractors, but generally covers a few decades.
  • Carefully read the warranty term, paying special attention to the defining of terms and transfer clauses, if there are any.
  • Warranties can be voided in many ways, so be sure to learn how in order to avoid surprises.

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