Handling Priorities According to Mountain Wedding Planners in Colorado

Mountain wedding planners in Colorado recommend putting together a list of priorities in order for your ceremony to go as planned. Planning a wedding usually involves compromise, so everything should be well thought out and planned ahead in order to avoid nasty surprises. Firstly, consider the major components of a wedding:

  • Reception and ceremony;
  • Food and cake;
  • Guest list from both parties;
  • Theme, lighting and flowers;
  • Camera crew;
  • DJ and/or live performers;
  • Ceremony master;
  • Bride’s dress and groom’s tux.

Along with your future spouse, rate the above items according to priority. With a budget already set, proceed to finding vendors in the order set by your list of priorities. Try not to make any compromises for the top 3 items on your list.

Distribute the remaining budget to the rest of the items and make compromises where necessary. Be prepared to eliminate any unnecessary additions if they risk breaking the bank. Sometimes, it may be necessary to raise the budget in order to cover all of the expenses.

Fortunately, there are many mountain wedding planners in Colorado to choose from, who are ready to assist you in planning priorities according to your available budget.

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