How to Use Ergonomic Office Chairs Efficiently

In the absence of ergonomic office chairs, many individuals with a desk job experience lower back pain due to incorrect posture. Sitting for extended periods of time puts stress on your back and shoulders.

Ergonomic chairs offer back support and promote a good posture, minimizing the negative effects of sitting. Adjusting the height, back and arm rests according to the user’s body is key for the chair to properly do its job.

While working, your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle, while your upper arms should stay parallel to your spine. Your feet should firmly rest on the floor, achieving the same 90 degree angle between your calf and thigh.

A good office chair provides lumbar support in shape of a cushion, designed to prevent strain on your lower back. For effective protection, it is important not to slouch while sitting down, but to always use the backrest. Next on the list is your computer screen, which should be at eye level.  The mesh office chairs for sale in today’s market are truly the best.

Sitting down for long periods is unhealthy, no matter how comfortable your chair is. Frequent stretch breaks are highly recommended. Maintaining good blood circulation is something that ergonomic office chairs cannot do for you.

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