Marriage Counseling with a Christian Approach – Help from a Wonderful Expert

Marriages go wrong all the time – there are so many mistakes people can make, so many ways they can hurt each other, even without traumatic or violent episodes. It happened to us, my husband and me – our marriage simply went cold, we drifted away from each other.

We lived a quiet life, we never quarreled, never had any conflict. Then one evening we started talking and it turned out that we both had grievances, insecurities, questions about marriage, but we had something else, too: the wish to repair it. We decided to talk to a specialist – I heard about a Christian counseling center – check out here, and I made an appointment with a therapist there. He was simply great – we could speak about anything with him and we could open up and we started re-building our marriage step by step.

There is still a lot to talk about, but we are definitely on the right track – the atmosphere in the house is much better, we enjoy each other’s company, we laugh more and get out more and we spend more time together than ever before and we owe the second chance to our therapist and the special Christian approach he used for showing us the way.


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