Safety Precautions Recommended by Centennial Electricians When You Are Using Electrical Equipment

Taking all the precautions when you are working with electrical equipment is a top priority, be sure to get the facts. Professionals strictly follow certain rules because they are aware of the dangers that electricity involves, but amateurs often ignore such rules. However, keeping them in mind and sticking to them can save your life. Here are some basic safety tips:

  • Avoid water. Under no circumstance should you stay in water when you touch electrical equipment. If the surface you are staying on is wet, use rubber boots. Also take care of your hands to be dry.
  • Pay attention to live wires. Before starting to work with wires, Centennial and Highlands Ranch electricians check to make sure that those wires are not energized. An electrical current test instrument is required to check which wires are live. They should be disconnected in order to work with them.
  • Always use the right fuses. When you are repairing a circuit breaker panel, replace broken fuses with appropriate ones, in order to avoid short-circuits.
  • Try to prevent shocks. It is useful to protect bare wire ends with small plastic caps to avoid touching them by mistake and being exposed to electrocution risks if they could not be disconnected from power. However, it is better to call an electrician in such cases, instead of risking your life or health.

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