Types of Oral Sedation Dentistry Highlands Ranch Doctors Use

Speaking of oral sedation dentistry, Highlands Ranch dentist offices offer several degrees of relaxation. The minimal level of sedation is reached after taking a pill, usually Halcion – a member of the Valium family. It makes you relax, but you keep being awake. With a larger dose, you can reach a moderate level of sedation, and even if you fall asleep, the doctor can awake you by gently shaking you.

Other types of sedation may include:

  • Inhaled minimal sedation - The patient breathes a combination of nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) and oxygen, administrated through a mask and making them relax. This form of sedation is the only one that allows the patient to drive themselves home when the procedure is finished.
  • IV moderate sedation - The sedative is administrated through the patient’s vein and therefore works faster.
  • General anesthesia - The medications will make the patient almost or totally unconscious, which means deeply asleep, during the entire medical procedure. The patient can only be awakened when the effect of the anesthesia wears off or is reversed with special medication.

Regardless of the type, whether it is general anesthesia, IV, or oral sedation, Highlands Ranch health services dental experts also use a local anesthetic for the area they are working in, to relieve pain in case that the procedure would cause any discomfort.

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